Practice Areas

The Attorneys at Sullivan & Lynch have experience in all areas of import and export laws, regulations and procedures. The following lists issues usually presented in our representations:

• Customs Compliance Assessments
• Development of Internal Customs Compliance Policies and Procedures
• Tariff Classification
• Customs Valuation
• Trade Preference Programs – eligibility, compliance and initiatives
• Country of Origin Marking and Country of Origin Determinations
• Securing Binding Rulings from CBP
• Section 1592 Penalties
• Voluntary Prior Disclosures
• Administrative Protests
• Seizures and Forfeitures
• Liquidated Damages
• Litigation – U.S. Court of International Trade
• Drawback
• Antidumping and Countervailing Duty advice – Scope Rulings
• Responses to Requests for Information and Notice of Action
• Compliance with FDA and Other Government Agencies in importing process
• Training Programs and Seminars

Export – EAR and ITAR
• Internal Compliance Assessments
• Development of Policies & Procedures
• Schedule B, Commerce Control List and ITAR Classification
• Commodity Jurisdiction Request to DDTC
• Classification Requests to BIS
• Assistance with Licensing
• Training Programs and Seminars